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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Borland 'NOT' open sourcing JBuilder to Eclipse

Continuing with the the focus on The Eclipse platform, on 22nd April 2005, Borland (The IDE Kings) made an announcement to donate the JBuilder to Eclipse.

According to Borland's chief executive Dale Fuller:

We will give customers something that's differentiated in the market and do it with a lot less investment on our part.

It is worthwhile to note that till last year, Borland never had any free software IDE's apart from Kylix on Linux. However the completition from Eclipse had forced them to offer a 'free' entry level product called JBuilder Foundation.The bread and butter of Borland comes from its IDEs.

So, "Is Eclipse the Commercial IDE Killer?"

When i blogged last night, the mood was very upbeat as i felt that one giant had been brought down in this battle of IDEs.This news had been creating quite a ripple all around, with references on many sites, blogs and forums.
This news item was reported on 22nd April, 2005 on 'TheRegister' .
Borland on May 12, 2005 has come out in the open and issued a statement that it will NOT be open-sourcing JBuilder.

"A recent article in has been causing some confusion about Borland’s future plans for JBuilder. The reporter clearly misinterpreted comments from our recent earnings call and, with no input from Borland, wrote a story that we had decided to open source JBuilder.
To be clear, we are not open sourcing JBuilder. JBuilder will continue to be offered, supported and enhanced as a commercial product. As we announced in February at EclipseCon, we will contribute to the Eclipse community (in areas like modeling), and also plan to leverage the openness and extensibility of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform as an integration framework for JBuilder.

Erik Frieberg,
Vice President of Product Marketing
Borland Software Corporation"

What would have Eclipse done with the JBuilder anyways ? ;)
This blog item has been quite a ride, and who knows what more might unfold in the days to come. Till then, Eclipse marches ahead... :)


Vikram said...

I very much doubt the credibility of this and i will blog on this matter :p

No press releases from Borland,

There are indications of this fact but can it be taken literally...

Gautam Arora said...

The Register is the source of this news and from there it has travelled to many sites and blogs.
There are no press releases from Borland, and i expect those to come when they actually release the code and not before that.
Also the only link refuting this news is from Nick Hodges blog(A Delphi Programmer with close links at Borland)

The indications are definitely there and its pretty much upto Borland now. Till then we can just play the waiting game...
p.s. I have a good feeling that they will ;) sooner or later

Gautam Arora said...

After going through some comments at JavaLobby:
1.Borland might be open-sourcing the core code of JBuilder to the community and leave it to them to decide what, if any, they could do with it.(remember Netscape)
2.JBuilder is based on a Swing-GUI and Eclipse on SWT, so realy there will not be much that could be integrated!
3.Why would Eclipse want JBuilder anyways? Its moved far ahead and will continue to do so...
4.Blame it on the reporter at 'The Register' for this mess!