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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Firefox Tabs: Now with IE7 too

One of my favourite and most frequently used feature in Firefox, the Tabs, will now be seen in IE7 too!

This information is derived from the IE7 blog

"Yes, IE7 has tabs.

In general, I think tabs are a great idea. I liked them a lot in Office dialogs and in Excel in the early 90's. (I used to work on Office, and I admit we almost added tabs to Word at one point.) I like them in Visual Studio. I think, as an industry, we have a ways to go in refining the experience, consistency, and value of tabs."

"The tabbed browsing experience in the upcoming IE7 beta is pretty basic. Expect additional end-user functionality to come in after the beta."

"I think we made the wrong decision here initially, and we’re making the right one now."

In my opinion, the bigger issues that M$ IE needs to handle are concerning security vulnerabilities and web standards. But i think those are not on their immediate 'To-Do list' ...


Vikram said...

Typical Microshaft copy the open source community and making some candy to please the noobs.... way to go boys.

Ever wonder why C# is so similar to Java ? Yep you know it.

Hrishikesh said...

Well, each one has their favourite browser. And when IE7 rolls out, it's gonna be very interesting to see whether M$ does manage to get back it's losing browser share.

BTW, I stand by my Opera, and you shall prolly do the same with FF, if not for anything else, then open source?