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Friday, June 17, 2005

Games Bond: CounterStrike on TV

StarOne has launched a Video Games show based on CS, called Games Bond on every Friday at 2030 IST.

They have about 8 clans and each week, 2 clans face each other.

The game has 2 rounds and 3 battles per round.
Battle 1- Aztec (Bomb The Target)
Battle 2- Dust (Bomb The Target)
Battle 3- Italy (Hostage Rescue)

The team which wins the toss at the start gets to choose CT(Counter-Terrorist) or T (Terrorist) for Round 1 and in the Round 2 there is a role reversal.

Each round starts with 5 memebers on each side, and after every battle the captain of the winning team eliminates one member from each team.

Episode 1: Indian Tigers VS Extremists

Toss: Extremists win and choose CT

Round 1: IndTig(T) vs Ext(CT)
Battle 1 - CT
Battle 2 - T
Battle 3 - T

Round 2: IndTig(CT) vs Ext(T)
Battle 1 - T
Battle 2 - T
Battle 3 - T

Result: Extremists win 4-2

Comments: Extremists were far superior in the role of Terrorists with a flawless victory. But the IndianTigers showed some great skill in the Dust battle of Round 1.

Next week: Jaipur Lords vs Bombay Rockers

Its a nice show, and of course you cant compare it to the thrill of playing the game, but watching India's Top clans fight it out every week is a great concept.

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