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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Experience at the Mumbai PHP Meetup August 2005

I attended my first Mumbai PHP Meetup today, organised at the People Cafe(the people)
It started with a 4-hour workshop on MySQL by Mr.Shantanu Oak, covering the basics and advanced topics and giving a demo of phpAdmin(which i learnt can be used to power the backend of your website.Its a risky deal, but you would be safe if you take your backups and its worth the effort, coz its your free MySQL server!)

After the workshop, began the meetup where the group discussed topics about database migration and large forms.The solutions being provided by the members kept in mind the business logic and usability.

The PHP meetup group is a bunch of friendly motivated individuals(mostly working professionals), with the desire to share and learn.A great community building effort here, and an ideal place to open up your mind and put forward your business ideas.

Mr.Shantanu Oak also demonstrated a financial tool that he has developed using MS-Excel as frontend and MySQL as backend, to extract stock prices from websites.Another great find was Sarovar, the Indian equivalent to Sourceforge.

Many seemed to agree as to how M$'s ASP and ASP.NET starts cracking apart when the real money starts coming in(thats when a large number of users register, say a million or so) and the only way to keept it together to get in the M$ Business Logic Server etc to save the day.
This made me feel real good(no points for guessing why!)

LAMP, but of course, stands tall as the strongest platform for such database-intensive websites e.g an example!)

Such active groups are an ideal way to start off open source projects, and I believe that this group will have something coming up in a few months too.

Note: The views expressed in this post are solely mine, and not of the group as a whole! :)


Hrishikesh said...

I hate myself now for missing out on this scene. I need to get myself updated of server side stuff and databases... Gosh, managing two things at a time sure is a pain...

Checked out the site. Interesting thing, that. Will need more time to go through it all, but definitely seems promising.

What exactly is LAMP?

Gautam Arora said...

LAMP=>Linux Apache Mysql PHP/Perl/Python

WAMP=>Windows Apache Mysql P..