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Saturday, August 27, 2005

# Firedrop2 micromini how-to-blog [for win-xp]

1.Open the firedrop2 gui by double-clicking 'C:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\firedrop2\wxfiredrop.pyw'

2.Make your blog by:
File->New site...->Choose a content type:Weblog->Choose/Create directory...->Make New Folder->C:\Weblog->Generating files->OK

3.Click the 'Open' button on the fd2 gui, and select 'C:\Weblog' from the browse-tree.
Note: Your Weblog has been loaded by the fd2.

4.Click the 'New' button on the fd2 gui.This will create an entry '*New*.
insert_date='2005-08-21 00:31:09'
modified_date='2005-08-21 00:31:09'

5.Edit the content to:
insert_date='2005-08-21 00:31:09'
modified_date='2005-08-21 00:31:09'
Hello World

Welcome to Firedrop2

6.Click the 'Save' button on the fd2 gui, to save your blog entry.

7.Click on 'Build', to build your blog.

8.Click on 'Preview'. This will open a browser window and display your blog.

You have successfully created a blog using 'firedrop2'.To create more entries, return to step 4.

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