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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Knoppix and Kanotix

Knoppix is one of the most popular Linux Live CD, where you just need to pop a cd into your cdrom drive, change the bios settings to boot from cdrom, and the Knoppix OS unpacks itself on your RAM, and runs like a dream.

I downloaded the latest Knoppix 3.9 (approx 700 mb) using a torrent, and thanks to my broadband connection, its did not take me long

Knoppix 3.9 looked and worked even better than the previous 3.6, and the KDE desktop rendered itself beautifully, leaving me speechless.
Thats when i thought, that if such is the power that Knoppix delivers off a CD, what would be the results when i install it on my hard disk...!

I decided it was time to move on from my Fedora Core 3 (PC Quest White Hope), which is complete and stable distro for developers.

Installing Knoppix onto the hard disk is no different than any linux distro, and if you have ever installed linux, no need to think twice...

Installing Knoppix from CD to Hard Disk:
1.Boot from cdrom with the knoppix cd in the cdrom drive
2.Once on the desktop, click on the Knoppix penguin(next to the K Menu on the taskbar), and select Root Shell (you will have to provide the root password)
3.On the root prompt type:
4.Configure your installation and set the partitions using QTParted
5.Start installation...

Kanotix (HD Installation) is fast, stable and packs in more punch than Knoppix (after all this time its on the hard disk!)

Knoppix 3.9 and Kanotix are both based on Debian with Linux-Kernel 2.6 and KDE v3 and the rest of the powerful features.

This was my first shot on a debian-based system, and i wondered if i was better of in the world of rpm's, but to my surprise, updating,upgrading,installing and removing packages on Debian distros is even simpler.
#apt-get update
#apt-get upgrade
#apt-get install package_name
#apt-get remove package_name

As with Knoppix, setting my broadband connection here on Kanotix required me to choose Knoppix Penguin(taskbar)->Network/Internet->ADSL/PPPOE configuration and i was up and surfing.

All tools required for chatting, IRC,mail clients,browsers,word processors etc are packed into this very compelete distro.

Get hold of a Knoppix3.9 cd asap, and then a copy of Knoppix Hacks.

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