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Monday, August 01, 2005

Zipping away with's in the air!

When i last posted about Python, i was still learning the ropes, but a few days at the Python Challenge and my current position at Level 7, has really improved my Python skills.
I started Level 1 with a procedural code to break into Level 2, but soon realised that it wasnt in the pythonic spirit and i wouldnt reach far.
After a quick glance at the py tutorial again, set my gears in motion and i can feel 'python powered'.
The Python Challenge, i agree, is the best way to learn python.

My partner in crime is Swapneel (at level 7 too!), coding away the py challenege in Ruby!

If uou are heading towards the land of pythons, i would recommend the py tutorial, and keep a copy of Learning Python(2nd Ed) and Programming Python handy for any in-depth topic coverage (you will need it!)

#The Python Challenge Guide:Part Python and Ruby...Comin Soon!
any volunteers for the Python Challenege in any other languages e.g. php?

#Visit Open Puppets for open-source artwork (like my python above!)!


Maverick said...

Good good, python powered huh?
btw, start promoting our upcoming prog lang blog on urs, iv already put it on mine.
and could u make my name a hyperlink to my blog in ur future posts?

Hrishikesh said...

Glad to see you mention Ruby. Never thought you would do it.

BTW, are you still hot about Java? I am lukewarm at best.

Gautam Arora said...

I never commented on Ruby because I have not tried it out, and dont think I will be on it for some time...Py and now Php will keep me busy...

Java might not look all-pretty and all-powerful but it was meant to handle different challenges.Java is here to stay too....let the better language be used for the projects...

You might see me doing a lot of Java in the future, but py-php would be getting a lot of importance here...