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Sunday, September 11, 2005

# Firedrop2 micromini how-to-blog-behind_the_scenes [for win-xp]

Though the entire process is simple-click-click, here is a small section of what goes on behind the scenes.
1.The wxfiredrop.pyw starts the fd2 gui. *.pyw file supresses the command-prompt window.
2.Your Weblog is created at C:\Weblog.The following files have been created at 'C:\Weblog'
build.ini,, page_template.html, entry_template.html
3.Your Weblog has been loaded by the fd2.
4/5.A new entry is created for the blog, with the title as *New* and body as *New*.The first 2 lines record the system date and time for this entry.The text below the '--' is the actual blog entry.The 'sextile' format of a blog entry is
Blog Entry Title

Blog Entry Body
6.The blog entry is saved as '00001.FD2'
7.The build script is run, which uses the build.ini configuration file to create/update your blog.
The following files have been created at 'C:\Weblog\articles_html'
arch_d7_2005_08_20.html, index.html, all_by_date.html, index.xml, atom.xml
The 'build' step will, by default, create a 'articles_html' folder.Incase you want to change this edit a line in the build.ini file.
8.It works!