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Saturday, December 10, 2005

TurboGears 0.9...coming soon to a blog near you!

It might be some time before we get TG 0.9 but the docs are being updated and now a new screencast has been added....a Tunes Tutorial! The video also demos the CatWalk, and I almost fell off my chair looking at it! :)

Looking at the roadmap for TG Dilly, its still 60% to do....cant wait to get my hands on it!

The docs also highlight the deployment stuff and its much needed as i am hoping to move to TG. And have found some web hosting plans too at TextDrive,DreamHost and Python-Hosting but yet to come to a decision.

On the work front, i have been hopping between two projects:
1. on the J2EE platform-> development on Win, testing on Linux and deployment on Solaris!
2. using C/Pro*C/Unix for development (might get to use libxml here, which has some gr8 python bindings)

There are times where i prefer to use over Google search, coz i like it that some one has already done the search for me and tagged the best pages, and then i also get to see his other bookmarks which are mostly related to my search! and now Yahoo! bought, so i am wondering what would be Google's next move? digg or reddit or (but that uses or...

Monday, December 05, 2005

Why Reddit was rewritten in Python?

Well, Spez has tried to make peace between the Lisp, Ruby and Python warriors with a straight and simple explanation for the Reddit rewrite in Python.

"We were already familiar with Python. It's fast, development in Python is fast, and the code is clear. In most cases, the Lisp code translated very easily into Python. Lots of people have written web applications in Python, and there's plenty of code from which to learn. It's been fun so far, so we'll see where it takes us."

Do check out the comments on this page and at previous post by spez.

Reddit rewritten in Python!

It a day to celebrate for the Python Geeks ...

Reddit in a new Pythonic Avtaar!

p.s. got to use my limited python skills at work. A python script to analyse some bugs in .java files under a given target directory (and sub-dirs...).A 20-odd lines code that scans through 2225 files and 201 folders to generate a log file in ~ 4 secs! (This aint for setting any benchmarks though!) Python Rocks! also used the py2exe module to get a .exe

Just for the records, for the last few weeks i have been workin on:

-Cygwin and IBM WebSpehere App Assembly Tool


- and now Python

-and most of the work was on Linux!


More on Py Reddit:

What is reddit written in?

Seriously? I heard it was written in Lisp.
It was, but we rewrote it.

So what Python framework did you use?, the web application framework of choice for discriminating programmers. is itself upon SQLObject and Cheetah. The data is stored in a PostgreSQL database and served by lighttpd.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Where the 'FLOCK' have i been

Now thats what i call a browser for Web 2.0 !!!

Flock will redefine the way we surf, blog and of course, keep track of bookmarks!

For the past few days i have been busy getting myself comfortable with Google Reader (for my feeds), bookmarking) and tons of its extensions, Furl (bookmarks where you can search for text within the links), slashdot(this aint new for me though), digg, reddit etc etc...

But having my bookmarks online was on top of my priority list and somehow none of the existing options available impressed me, so the best i could come up was to use and carefully tagging my links, an extension for Firefox Foxylicious for syncing 'em and another script for furling em and another script to remember if the page i was on was already bookmarked by me.......

and then i decided to give a shot at Flock!

Its got all i wanted and more, a perfect web solution! The best features include the seamless integration with, 'star'ing and blogging plus there are so many that i could just keep blogging......

and hopefully it will make me a lil more regular with my posts....... :)

read more about Flock at FaeLLe's Blog