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Friday, December 02, 2005

Where the 'FLOCK' have i been

Now thats what i call a browser for Web 2.0 !!!

Flock will redefine the way we surf, blog and of course, keep track of bookmarks!

For the past few days i have been busy getting myself comfortable with Google Reader (for my feeds), bookmarking) and tons of its extensions, Furl (bookmarks where you can search for text within the links), slashdot(this aint new for me though), digg, reddit etc etc...

But having my bookmarks online was on top of my priority list and somehow none of the existing options available impressed me, so the best i could come up was to use and carefully tagging my links, an extension for Firefox Foxylicious for syncing 'em and another script for furling em and another script to remember if the page i was on was already bookmarked by me.......

and then i decided to give a shot at Flock!

Its got all i wanted and more, a perfect web solution! The best features include the seamless integration with, 'star'ing and blogging plus there are so many that i could just keep blogging......

and hopefully it will make me a lil more regular with my posts....... :)

read more about Flock at FaeLLe's Blog

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