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Friday, March 31, 2006

Better days @ Blogosphere

The last few days on 'Blogosphere' have been good.

I upgraded to a port of the Kubrick theme(originally for Word Press) to Blogger, K2 from Blogger Templates.
It looks much better, but i had overlooked the template forum, this port needed all verifications to be turned OFF for comments.
This led to 'No Comments' on my blog, which i had been expecting, keeping in mind that i have been getting some minimal traffic from reddit and digg.
Thanks Ajay for getting this to my notice and i rectified it, and i soon plan to shift to Word Press or Drupal.
Also got a mail from fellow blogger 'Sudhanshu-The Day Dreamer' and have added him to my blogroll too.Connections of the like-minded are surely developed here.

Amit has also started blogging, and he is a journalist at heart and am sure will soon write some powerful stuff!

The weekend is here, and will put some efforts towards OpenCerti too.

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