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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Better Web Application Development Video

The video(which i found from my best friend reddit) is by:

Sean Kelly(woking at Nasa JPL )

He gives his work background, and the need to look at scripting languages for UI development for the 2000's. The video covers a Hello World app development(using the so popular screencast mode) using the competing frameworks and then a Time Log application(UML below). The metrics coveres include LOC,XML situps, compile/runtime errors,headaches and FUN! and even security,i18n etc.

The results favors the Scripting Language Web Frameworks. There is no winner as to say, because it depends on the viewer to decide who it is, and once you see it, you will know where you wanna head. A worthy download for sure...

Here are a few screenshots before you start downloading the 378 MB video

p.s. The results at the end have been masked and can be viewed in the video :)

Download the interesting comparison of Rails, TurboGears, Django, Plone, and Java Sevlets/JSP, and full fledged J2EE development (60 min video!) here!


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