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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bye-Bye Orkut?

Google's makin' a hell lot of moolah! i'm glad that its taking a slice outta M$'s kitty :)

But the latest buzz on BusinessWeek seems to suggest:

"At its current share price of $394.98 a share, a sale of 5.3 million shares would raise nearly $2.1 billion..."

and what could be a likely acquisition with this $2.1 billion...well, maybe Facebook!

Its a social community, just like Google' Orkut (a place where i hang out with many of my friends!)

Would you have to soon leave your healthy collection of Orkut scraps and move to a new home?

Is it the end of the road for Orkut?

I hope not...


Ajay D'Souza said...

Google has taken over a lot of companies. But they haven't shut down any service.

I don't think they will shut down Orkut, because like you said, it is popular.

Nadeem Mohsin said...

I agree with Ajay - shutting down Orkut would completely fly in the face of Google's "Dont' be Evil" motto. Perhaps they might add Facebook functionality to Orkut, or combine the two, or something, but actually getting rid of Orkut is completely unlikely. I doubt even M$ would do something like that. :D Of course, they don't have anything that even comes close to Orkut - hehe...

BTW, I have an interview with Google next Saturday - right after the Google India Code Jam finals. Maybe I should ask them, eh? ;)

PS: That little "Remember Me" checkbox at the bottom of this form seems to say "Remenber me" for some reason. You might wanna fix that.