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Monday, March 27, 2006

HOWTO: Start Websphere AS(Linux) App Assembly Tool from Windows using Cygwin

1 Introduction

1.1 Purpose
The document explains the procedure for using AAT for WAS on a Linux machine through a remote connection from a Windows machine. The procedure involves starting the X server on the Win PC and connecting to the remote WAS Linux server. This will allow us to assemble and deploy J2EE applications remotely on the Linux server.

1.2 Target Audience
Web designer, Java programmer and System Administrator

1.3 References
[1] Cygwin/X User’s Guide
[2] IBM WAS, Version 4.0.x Information Center

2 AAT usage procedure

2.1 Pre-requisites
2.1.1 Cygwin/X setup
*Download the Cygwin/X setup
*Follow the Installing Cygwin/X procedure

Please note:
For the current doc, Local Package Directory: C:\cygwin
It is necessary to select the xorg-x11-base package during the setup
It is optional to select the inetutils package (for telnet) and openssh package (for ssh)

2.1.2 PuTTY setup
Download the PuTTY client

2.2 Steps to start AAT

2.2.1 Start the X server
Run C:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin\startxwin.bat
Start X Server

This starts the X server and an X terminal window pops up.

2.2.2 Connect to remote server using PuTTY
Enable X11 forwarding and define X display location from Connection->SSH->X11
X11 Forwarding

Begin SSH connection on port 22 by entering the IP address of WAS Linux Server, and click on ‘Open’
Begin SSH Conn

Enter the login details in the new window

We are now connected to the remote server using PuTTY!

2.2.3 Start AAT
Enter the following commands in the terminal
#cd /opt/WebSphere/AppServer/bin/
Enter this...

This will start the IBM WAS AAT
WAS Starts 1

WAS Starts 2

2.3 Steps to exit AAT

2.3.1 Exit AAT
Use File->Exit to close the AAT
Exit from WAS

2.3.2 Close the remote connection
Use ‘exit’ command on the terminal to close the connection
Terminte connection

2.3.3 Shutdown the X server
Right-click on the X icon in the taskbar and select ‘Exit’ and
Shitdown X 1

click on ‘Exit’ to shutdown the X server.
Shitdown X 2

3 Conclusion

We have used Cygwin/X and PuTTY to start/stop the AAT on the WAS Linux from our Win PC.

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