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Monday, March 27, 2006

OpenCerti - Community driven PHP certification - Coming 'damn' soon!

Must've been abt 3 weeks back when Nirav shared the OpenCerti vision with me at The Mumbai PHP Meetup(surprisingly though no1 except the both of us had turned up!)

I was seriously looking at some projects to get to work on, but either they were all too far ahead in their development phase or i was far too behind in the project-domain(and this had gone on for quite some time as is evident by the zillion number of blogposts about some open source projects...)

Infact the very reason I used to post about them was that I wished to be a part of the 'OpenSource Community' from which I had just received and never been able to give back.Though i made a Java Network Sniffer and planned to opensource it, but have never gone back to it, except to give it to other students and asking them to make it more useful.

Ya, so going back to the meetup which was at the Magnet office at Borivali(W), it brought back memories of going to a network security company in my Final Year to get guidance(and a job) for my BE project.
A medium-sized office with an dynamic CEO, a vision to touch the sky but not alone...

Deep inside of me I was hoping to turn this PHP meetup into a Python Meetup, and get some ideas to get that rolling too.(They say that once there was a Python Meetup in Mumbai, but maybe they just got too busy with their own lives....happens!)

After Nirav had heard enough of me, he asked, Do u wanna be a part of OpenCerti?
Oh Hell Yeah!

So he started telling me the plan about development, promotion etc.
'This is gonna be BIG!', i can still hear the ring of those words from Nirav.

So ok, where do i get started?
Why dont u write some code for the Exam Management System? What the hell!
I mean I know i had spent quite sometime telling him about the languages i knew and the projects i had done, but then still...

Actually, we have the code almost ready but you will have to write a port in PHP? Ahem!
I mean, i agree we are at the PHP meetup,we wanna do php stuff-and-all-that and OpenCerti is all BIG, but why me?
There is definitely someone out there who knows a heck-more PHP than i would know in 10 lifetimes...
But there was that sudden-adrenalin-rush and I said, Yes! This was my chance to be part of the community and I aint gonna let that go!

So well, thats how it all began...the port is ready and we have tweaked the system into motion, we are almost there!

OpenCerti should be a fun-place to be at and learn (already know a fair amount of php/mysql), infact a great place to share knowledge and get certified too!
I'm glad i wud be a part of it, and so can you....join us!


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