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Monday, March 06, 2006

Work-Shauk and all that...

Long time no blog!So here is what has happened of late:

1.Worked on C/Pro*C, Linux,Solaris,Shell scripts...was looking around for what would help me define my job description, and i guess, i can call myself, an Oracle Backend Developer as of now.Though some J2EE Struts work is also in the pipeline.So i could be shifing to something new...

2.Have been doing some PHP with specific interest in the Symfony Web Framework.The documentation(which included the demo and videos) are brilliant, and Symfony is definitely going great guns in keeping their docs up-to-date.Submitted a typo i found in the book, my tiny contribution.Thei explanantion of the MVC has been one of the simplest and best i have read.It hits the bullseye again with the code examples.

3.Went to the Mumbai PHP March Meetup and though 8 members had RSVPed as 'yes', it was only Nirav and me.He shared the vision of OpenCerti with me, and gave me some work and jump into the team.OpenCerti looks very promising indeed, and i would definitely want to be one of the early test-takers too! Also joined the mailing lists for Drupal.

4.There has been a lot of talk in the Python Community on marketing it well, as RoR is generating a lot of buzz.There is a new Python website around the corner and the buzz has started to find the 'next' killer app to push python-awareness back to the top!

5.Here are my best-friends at work:

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