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Monday, April 17, 2006

Getting Geeky on Rails

tIt was high time i checked out RoR, and Sunday seemed to be the best day to give it a shot....
Started with checking out some ruby tuts and once i was comfortable with it, i hit the play button on the Django/RoR flick from Snakes and Rubies.

The movie was very informative and once i was through with it, i knew what i had been missing by not choosing Ruby/RoR earlier.

The transformation was so instantaneous, and i could not believe that i had been skeptical about this pure-OO Japanese language! Its just pure beauty!

Finished doing the cookbook example from Rolling with Ruby on Rails, and i was left spell-bound by the sheer power and simplicity of RoR!

I have to use J2EE Struts at work, and i loved the 'Convention over Configuration' theme and the 'duck' was really quacking loud....

no struts-confi.xml, no xml-situps, no server restarts.....scaffolding.....its just awesome.....

cheers to more days with RoR!

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