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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Screencast: The 'new' Hello World!

So you can do a 'Hello World!' with your new-hot-fav-programming-languages, who cares?
Where is the screencast?

Yes, the world of web-frameworks has moved to screencasts, the way to show off the MVC-based simplicities.
So much so, that the user-community has pretty much started expecting a screencast with the beta, atleast i do! :)

Ruby on Rails: Creating a weblog in 15 minutes

TurboGears: The 20 Minute Wiki

Symfony: A ajax shopping cart in 10 minutes

SQL on Rails: Creating a search engine in 8 minutes (move over Google, here comes Bajillio!)
But here is an interesting counter, i found while going through the development forums of Drupal by Bert Boerland using a convo from the movie, "There is something about Mary":

Hitchhiker: You heard of this thing, the 8-Minute Abs?
Ted: Yeah, sure, 8-Minute Abs. Yeah, the excercise video.
Hitchhiker: Yeah, this is going to blow that right out of the water. Listen to this: 7... Minute... Abs.
Ted: Right. Yes. OK, all right. I see where you're going.
Hitchhiker: Think about it. You walk into a video store, you see 8-Minute Abs sittin' there, there's 7-Minute Abs right beside it. Which one are you gonna pick, man?
Ted: I would go for the 7.
Hitchhiker: Bingo, man, bingo. 7-Minute Abs. And we guarantee just as good a workout as the 8-minute folk.
Ted: You guarantee it? That's - how do you do that?
Hitchhiker: If you're not happy with the first 7 minutes, we're gonna send you the extra minute free. You see? That's it. That's our motto. That's where we're comin' from. That's from "A" to "B".
Ted: That's right. That's - that's good. That's good. Unless, of course, somebody comes up with 6-Minute Abs. Then you're in trouble, huh?
[Hitchhiker convulses]
Hitchhiker: No! No, no, not 6! I said 7. Nobody's comin' up with 6. Who works out in 6 minutes? You won't even get your heart goin, not even a mouse on a wheel.

Needless to say the hitchhiker was carying a chainsaw.

p.s. I 'love' screencasts!

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