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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Zoho Creator and more...

Well, this aint a re-post on Zoho Creator, but its not possible not to talk about something when you have spent most of your productive day clicking away to glory and making web apps(yes clicking, and not typing code!)
Also mailed the Zoho Support about some much-required features, and was happy to get a positive reponse from their side.
You can see my public Zoho Apps here.

Aprt from that i will be soon moving away from blogger onto wordpress, and will be sharing a VPS with Ajay.Sharing just seems to be such a incorrect term when my blog will be placed next to Ajay's, lets just say that my blog will just be hanging around there somehwere. :)

I drool about the moment that Zoho Creator will add actionscript and other features, i mean, i cant even imagine the possibilities! (yes, i am possesed...)

And while typing out this blogpost, i have created my blog, just to see how things work in the WP-Universe...but awaits me, and i will be there....soon....very soon....

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