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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

MS Fall 2008 Semester End Update

My last post was at the beginning of my 3rd semester at Georgia Tech and after 4 months of hardwork, its time to get back to some hackery (and blogging).
Looking back, this semester was a lot of fun (more than the ones before) and I worked on some cool projects:
  1. Gesture Recognition API for Sensors (in Android) [GERAS] - which was built due to the lack of one in the Android SDK and was heavily inspired from the existing Touch Gesture Detector API. The Gesture Recognition Engine was fairly naive but I did develop some cool sample apps integrating GERAS with Maps. Hoping to put it out on Google Code soon.
  2. Integrating Groovy/Grails with Servlets - to build a prototype app that I will be working on extensively for my Masters Project in the Spring 2009 semester. I''ll be speaking more about this in the next few weeks...
My research work in school allowed me to work with many teams in class to try out a few cool and a few insane ideas related to converged apps and I''ll be spending some time in drawing all of that expertise together and blog about it.

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